Trackside3D / oorail Website Update

What changes are being made?

We are updating both websites, adding new services and improving integration with third party services (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to provide a better user experience.

When are these changes being made?

Updates will start at midnight GMT on Friday December 20th 2019. We are planning to complete the update before 5am GMT on Tuesday December 24th 2019. This time frame is referred to as the "window" below.

Will the websites be available while changes are being made?

Yes. The current websites will be available while changes are being made. We will be deploying and testing updates in phases. You may notice things are a little out of sync during the window as there will be times the current sites and new services are available at the same time. This is a very big update that ties things together, you may notice some continuity issues as we phase out old components and phase in the new ones.

Digital Download Packaging Changes

All of our existing digital downloads will be updated to reflect new packaging and an updated license agreement (see below). The new packages contain a version.txt file, while the old packages do not.

Licensing Changes

We will be updating the licensing on all of our existing products to version 2.0 of our License Agreement. Current customers who have already downloaded models with the original Personal License Agreement can continue to use those files under that agreement. During the window we will be replacing the packages with the latest versions with the new license agreements. Once we update the package, any future downloads or re-downloads will be under the terms of the update license.

Pricing Update and Bundles

During the window we will be updating pricing and adding new bundles of products. Bundles have been regularly requested by customers and these changes reflect those requests.


During the window we will be integrating with Once it is completed, will redirect to the page inside

Trackside3D Website

During the window we will be integrating the website and into an updated new site. The goal of the new site is to showcase the 3D printed products, provide information on them and make it easier for customers to navigate. The new site will enable customers to find exactly what they are looking for as well as browse for ideas based on their layout.

oorail website

The oorail website is being upgraded with a new look templating system, all of the existing data will be there but the new templating system will make it easier for visitors to locate information.


Updates during the window will be posted to this page.