3D Printing Loco Parts - Loco Works Wednesday #18


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41233 is repaired using 3D printed buffers and steps. 92009 with a defective ringfield motor is repaired using 3D printed parts.  92009 is a Hornby Top Link Model (R289) in Railfreight distribution livery. This model was purchased recently as part of a lot with a Lima Class 87 and a few other pieces of rolling stock.

92009 had never been run and was brand new. After lubricating the loco, we quickly discovered that it was having running problems, from stopping to making the familiar high pitched screech of a ringfield with commutator / brush problems. We had to design and 3D print two different parts, but as a result, we've developed a quick and easy fix for a common problem with ringfield motors using 3D printed parts.  41233 is a Class 2MT Ivatt 2-6-2T steam locomotive, the model in this video is from Bachmann 31-452B, and is quite old. This model was purchased as a spares or repairs, it had some cosmetic damage (missing buffers, broken buffer beam and missing steps) and minor running issues (front bogie would cease up). We were unable to source replacement parts for this loco, so this was our first attempt at creating and 3D printing replacement parts. At the end of the video, you can see pictures before the 3D printed parts were painted and close up of the loco.  The 3D printed parts used in this video will feature in our next 3D Printing Update, and will be made available through our Trackside3D shop in the near future.