Beginners Guide to Model Railways


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This video from is an introduction to the basics of OO gauge model railways. In this video we explain everything a beginner would need to get started. We look at track, explain the difference with track codes, fish plates, track pins, different radius curves (including 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th radius track, also 15",18",22" and 24" Atlas track). We explain flex track and demonstrate how to cut flex track. We look at how to connect power to the track, the problems with track power clips and the difference between DC and DCC. We go over the basics of points and explain how to isolate with points in DC layouts. The video shows how to connect two independent tracks together using points and insulated fish plates. Finally the video wraps up by looking at accessories such as buffer stops, and useful tools to help the railway modeller. The last segment of the video shows the charts we used for our layout and the way we created the layout with a manual track plan.