OO gauge Flying Scotsman (4472) Restoration Project Tri-ang / Hornby R.855N


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This video from oorail.com walks you through the restoration of a ca. 1971 Tri-ang Hornby Flying Scotsman with Exhaust Sound and Glowing firebox. The catalogue number is R.855N but it is very similar to the older Tri-ang Railways R.850. This video describes what was wrong with the locomotive, how we troubleshooted the problems and how we made the repairs while retaining all of the original parts. This particular model, now over 40 years old had electrical problems, damaged valve gear that would lock (causing the motor to smoke), brittle plastic, non-working exhaust sound and was a non-runner when it arrived at oorail.com. Watch and learn as we bring this exciting classic model back to life! Don't forget you can see the real thing at RailFest 2012 visit http://www.flyingscotsman.org.uk for more information.