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This video gives a brief introduction and a demonstration of a new Digital Model Railway control system called Digital DC (DDC). The DDC control system is FREE to download and the source code is available under the GPLv3 Open Source License.

Digital DC (DDC) enables train control via a Web (HTTP) API interface. This means you can control the train by simply sending web requests in your browser or via the command line using a tool like curl or wget.

Some benefits release 1.0.0 offers over standard DC:

- Lights are a constant brightness, not tied to speed

- 1023 speed control steps for ultra-fine control (DCC has 128)

- Control via Web (Browser / CMD line)

- Source code available

This approach enables a highly modular system using state of the art IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. All of the hardware components are available off the shelf, keeping costs low. This system in the future will enable full automation, digital control via an app and much much more.

This initial release was released on Tuesday February 4th 2020 and features the oorail-ddc-tm module, or track control module. A how-to video on how to build the system will be available soon. The system uses 12V DC and is compatible with Analogue DC and DCC Ready locomotives.

This is a new system that is under development, we release a weekly private build to paid subscribers on Tuesdays, and about once a month (time permitting) we issue a full public release build. So if you would like to support the project's development check out the subscription options at https://oorail.co.uk/digital-dc/