D1764 Class 47 Diesel Locomotive in two-tone BR Green


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This video from oorail.com looks at D1764, a Class 47 locomotive in two-tone BR Green. This model is by Bachmann, features directional lights and an illuminated head-code. D1764 was built on September 8th 1964, was renumbered 47169 on December 31st 1973, was named "Great Eastern" on March 31st 1979 and renumbered again on December 31st 1979 to 47581, retaining its name until December 22nd 1993 when it was renumbered for the last time to 47763. The loco ended up a 47/7 and was ultimately withdrawn on August 31st 2003. The loco was scrapped on September 19th 2003 after just over 39 years of service.