LNER Teak Coach Project - Part 1


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As you've seen from recent videos we picked up the LNER 2-8-2 Class P2 with TTS sound by Hornby. Unfortunately we didn't have any suitable coaches to run with the P2, but thanks to an idea by TheZimma (link below) that was passed along by David Howarth (link below to his channel), we picked up a set of five old Hornby LNER teak coaches and will be enhancing them to run with the P2.

In this video (part 1), we show the selection of LNER teak coaches that we will be modifying, how to replace the coach wheels, what type of wheels to use as a replacement and how to dismantle the LNER teak coaches. In part 2, we will show you how to mix the paint and paint the coaches. In the third and final part, we will show you the coaches running with a variety of LNER locomotives.

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