March 2014 Layout Update


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This video from is part three of the Model Railway Layout Challenge series. In this video we get started with the project, showing you the items, tools and supplies you will need to complete this first phase of the project. We start the project from the left hand side, working our way through installing points, flex track and a level crossing along the back of the layout. The video walks you through preparing the baseboard for buildings, how to gauge the distances for the track and buildings correctly and explain how the first grouping of buildings will help set the theme for the rest of the layout. The video compares the pricing of items, suggests alternative items and compares our project to IC82's Your Model Railway Village project. The end of the video gives a sneak preview of the next phase which includes building a girder bridge and viaduct arches along the front of the layout.

Here is the list of items from the video (quantities are 1 unless specified):

Peco SL-102 1 yard pieces of Flex Track (Qty: 7)
Peco SL-88 RH Large Point (use SL-E88 for DCC)
Peco SL-96 LH Medium Point (us SL-E96 for DCC)
Scalescenes TO34 (Roads and Pavements)
Scalescenes TX24 (Dark Brown Texture Sheet)
Scalescenes R017 (TX24 Viaduct Arches)
Scalescenes TO26 (Small Terraced Houses) Concrete Slabbed Pavement Kit
Metcalfe PO229 (Building Kit)
Dapol C003 Girder Bridge Kit (Qty: 2)
Gaugemaster Controls GM66 Trackpins
Peco SL-10 Metal Fishplates / Rail-joiners
Hornby R636 Double Track Level Crossing
Peco Tracksetta 254mm straight template

Tack Hammer (or similar tool for installing track pins)
Scissors (heavy duty with a good grip)
Pack of A4 paper (or US legal if you cannot source A4)
1mm/2mm pack of card (A4 or similar sized)
Small hand drill (for putting holes in sleepers)
Pack of Glue Sticks
Bottle of PVA glue
Bottle of Superglue (recommend brush on)

If you want to run a working layout at the end of part 3, you will need a loco and DC power controller. We suggest any of the following options:

  • Bachmann 30-125 Train Set (Class 08 BR Blue, Freight)
  • Bachmann 30-053 Train Set (Class 42, 2 x Mk1 Coaches)
  • Bachmann 36-560 controller (plus any locomotive of your choice)

For this series we will be using:

  • Bachmann 36-560 controller (US equivalent)
  • Bachmann 32-905^ Class 108 2-car DMU in BR blue/grey