Rapido Trains APT-E Test Run


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The APT-E was an experimental prototype Advanced Passenger Train powered by gas turbines and tilting technology. Constructed in 1970, it never ran in passenger service but was tested on British Rail lines between 1972 and 1976. The APT-E consists of two power cars, PC-1 and PC-2, and two trailer cars (TC-1 and TC-2). Its first run was on July 25th 1972 but due to concerns from the driver's union ASLEF over single driver seating, it was over a year before it saw the mainline again in August 1973.

This is the newly released, built to order APT-E from Rapido Trains. We reserved our APT-E back in June 2014 and it finally arrived earlier this week. The APT-E was commissioned by Locomotion, part of the National Railway Museum in the UK. The APT-E is part of their National Collection in Miniature series. Rapido Trains is a Canadian based company who build highly detailed scale model locomotives. Rapido build trains to order, so they build the initial batch and if you don't reserve your order, you are basically out of luck or have to hit eBay.

The original APT-E can be seen today at the NRM's Locomotion Museum in Shildon. This is the first video of several videos on the APT-E from oorail.com.