Scratch built Loco Parts


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This week we have a 0-4-0 Industrial Locomotive No. 7 "Nellie" at the Loco Works. Originally released in 1961, this iconic blue Tri-ang Railways 0-4-0 tank engine was released up until 1972. The model we have today hasn't run in decades and was purchased off eBay as a non-runner. Aside from a non-running motor, it is missing part S6114 which is a type of wire pickup. In this video, we'll explain what it took to get the motor running and show how we fabricated a new part to replace the missing S6114 part. So grab something to drink and watch us clean, solder and lubricate this at least 44 year old, possibly 55 year old locomotive back to its former glory. Don't forget to watch for the spark we captured in the thumbnail too!