Our business licensing is designed to be simple and enable businesses as much freedom as possible when utilizing our designs to meet the needs of their customers. Our mission at Trackside3D is to make the hobby of Railway Modeling as affordable and accessible as possible. We realize that many of our designs are highly desirable but the need to own or have access to a 3D printer is a significant barrier for some people. The goal of our business licensing is to enable business partners to provide products and services based around our designs.

Business Membership

Business membership is paid quarterly at US$60/quarter (this is US$20/month). Membership is paid up front and provides the business with immediate access to the Trackside3D models, support (email) and business licensing as described below. Business membership must be actively maintained in order to produce and sell Trackside3D products.

Model Delivery

Business Members receive 3D models via email drip subscription. New business members shall receive access to the current Trackside3D portfolio. New products are delivered to Business Members via email with a download link.


Business Licensing under the Business Membership program is limited to 3D printing technologies. This includes but is not limited to FDM, FFF, SLA, MSLA or similar 3D printing technologies. The license does not permit manufacturing using laser cutting, CNC, injection molding, tooling, mold fabrication or any other non-3D printing technology.

All manufacturing must be done on premises by the Business Member. The Business License does not permit manufacturing by a third party or sub-licensing to a third party.

Licensing Fee

The license fee shall be 10% of the full retail sales price set by the business member. The license fee shall not be adjusted for offers, discounts or specialty rates provided to customers.


Business Members are free to package products as they see fit. Products can be packaged together and packaged in various quantities. Business Members can select which products they wish to make available to their customers.

Packaging with non-Trackside3D products

Business Members are free to package (bundle) Trackside3D products with non-Trackside3D products. This can include the Business Members own products or third party products. The licensing fee for packaging with non-Trackside3D products is 10% of the full retail sales price of the bundle, not the portion of the Trackside3D products.

Retail Price

Business Members are free to set the full retail sales price. Retail sales pricing guidelines are listed in the minimum retail price standards below. Retail pricing cannot be set at cost or a loss.

Minimum Retail Price Guidelines

Business Members are asked to maintain a reasonable minimum retail price level. Where the weight of the product is in grams, the Material Price is price per gram, the minimum retail price is calculated as:

((Weight x Material Price) x 10) + 10% = Minimum Retail Price


Pack of 6 Ballast Bins (approximately 12g)

Material: Hatchbox PLA (at 2p per gram)

Minimum Retail Price: (12 x 2p) = 24p x 10 = £2.40 + 24p = £2.64


Fuel Depot Building (32g (building), 15g (roof), 10g (accessories) = total is 57g)

Material: Hatchbox PLA (at 2p per gram)

Minimum Retail Price: (57 x 2p) = £1.14 x 10 = £11.40 + 1.40 = £12.80

Competitive Comparison

The minimum pricing formula works for the vast majority of Trackside3D products, however we understand that it will not work in all cases. The formula does not work well for larger projects such as buildings. For larger multi-component products, we recommend using a similar formula of:

((Weight x Material Price) + 10% = Large Component Minimum Retail Price

Once a bill of materials for the product is completed, the Business Member should adjust the retail pricing after comparing similar products in the market from other manufacturers.

Example: Fuel Storage Tanks

Trackside3D products:

  • Fuel Storage Railing: (1g x 2p) = 2p x 10 = 20p + 2p = 22p
  • Fuel Storage Tank: (142g x 2p) = £2.48 (x2) = £4.96 + 10% = £5.45
  • Fuel Storage Lids: (47g x 2p) = 94p (x2) = £1.88 + 10% = £2.07
  • Fuel Storage Base: (67g x 2p) = £1.34 + 10% = £1.47
  • Extra Detailing: (40g x 2p) = 80p x 10 = £8.00 + 80p = £8.80

The total unadjusted retail price is £18.01, however a comparable product from another major manufacturer is £35. A competitive mark up for such a project might be £29.99, placing the offering below that of the competing manufacturer but also creating a healthy profit margin.

Digital Offerings

Business members are not permitted to offer or distribute digital offerings of Trackside3D products.

Customer Licensing and Support

Trackside3D does not provide licensing or support to customers of our Business Members. Should a customer wish to avail of Trackside3D upgrades to 3D models, the customer should purchase the upgraded printed product from the Business Member or obtain the Trackside3D model directly from Trackside3D in digital form.

Design Services and Special Commissions

Trackside3D provides design services and special commission offerings to its Business members. For the purposes of Business Membership, "Design Services" are considered a request to modify an existing product to produce a new variant or to design a new product from scratch. Special Commissions are special requests to design a new product that is to be sold exclusively by the Business Member.

Trackside3D does not charge for "Design Services", they are provided on a best effort and will be supplied to the Business Member who requested them. Completed Design Services are provided on the following schedule for new products:

  • 3D Model provided to Business Member (Day-0)
  • 3D Model released to Trackside3D subscribers (Day-30)
  • 3D Model released on Trackside3D website (Day-45)
  • 3D Model released to other Business Members (Day-60)

Business Members may request adjustments to this schedule for new products, this is handled on a case by case basis, if no agreement can be reached the above schedule is maintained.

The following schedule is used for completed Design Services for variants of an existing Trackside3D product:

  • 3D Model provided to Business Member (Day-0)
  • 3D Model released to Trackside3D subscribers (Day-14)
  • 3D Model released to Trackside3D website (Day-30)
  • 3D Model released to other Business Members (Day-30)

Trackside3D offers two options for "Special Commissions":

  • Fully Commissioned
  • Co-developed Commission

"Fully Commissioned" projects involve Trackside3D providing an exclusive 3D model to the Business Member. Pricing is based on project time-frame and the hours needed to complete the project. Upon an agreed quote, the Business Member will pay 20% up front, and four additional payments of 20% at agreed milestones. Upon completion of the project, the Business Member will receive both the 3D Model in STL format as well as the original Blender design files. The model will be exclusively available and belong to the Business Member. The model will not appear on Trackside3D.

"Co-developed Commission" projects involve a joint venture between Trackside3D and the Business Member. Co-developed projects typically involve design collaboration between Trackside3D and the Business Member, this may involve supplying photographs, diagrams, blueprints, measurements etc to Trackside3D. The completed product will typically be made available simultaneously as a physical product from the Business Member and a digital download by Trackside3D. Co-developed commission products are not automatically supplied to other Business Members unless agreed to before project work commences. Requests from other Business Members to produce co-developed commission products requires a written request and written approval from the Business Member who commissioned the project.

Reporting and Payment of License Fees

Business Members are responsible for reporting sales numbers for Trackside3D licensed products on the 1st of the month, the report must be received no later than the 5th of the month. An invoice payable under net-7 terms will be generated on the 7th of the month and should be paid electronically. It is not necessary to generate sales reports directly from e-commerce or point of sale systems each month. Trackside3D however reserves the right to request a semi-annual or annual report of Trackside3D licensed sales generated by a Business Members eCommerce or invoicing system.

Active Business Membership

Business Members are responsible for maintaining an active Business Membership with Trackside3D. This is a legal requirement in order to make licensing terms fully enforceable. Trackside3D cannot suspend or cancel a Business Membership unless the Business has engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities. In the event a Business member opts to cancel their membership, their license shall expire on the last day of their active membership. Once membership has expired, the Business Member cannot produce or sell any Trackside3D licensed products, this includes any unsold inventory. The Business Member may purchase a license to sell any unsold inventory for a licensing fee of 25% of the retail list price.

Obtaining Membership

Businesses must be a legally registered and active business in good standing in their country of origin. To obtain Business membership, the business should send a membership request to locoshed@oorail.com including their business registration number (or link to their registration record at the appropriate government agency) and a link to their website. Trackside3D shall review the membership request and provided the business registration is active and older than 45 days, shall send the business a subscription link for them to complete registration. Upon successful registration, the business shall receive via drip subscription within 24 hours, the current range of Trackside3D products and a support email address for assistance.