We started oorail over 6 and a half years ago as a way to share the progress myself and my son were making on a small shelf layout with my Dad back in Scotland. The project has grown to over 1 million views, almost 4 million minutes watched, 4400+ subscribers, countless people helped enjoy the world's greatest hobby more and a much large layout.

This website has been designed and redesigned countless times, as I tried to figure out the best way to compliment the oorail YouTube Channel. For years, its been nothing more than links to FREE downloads, displaying some nice photos and the latest tweets. Today, after several hours of work, the site is finally at a stage where it is useful and I felt it could be launched.

The site has been organized into main topics:

  • Layout Updates (Updates, Channel Updates, News and Important New Arrivals)
  • Projects (eg. APT-P, LNER Teaks, Power Station, 3D Printing and more)
  • Howto Guides
  • Repairs (Loco Works Wednesday)
  • Beginners (Getting Started with Model Railways)
  • Locomotives (Running Sessions, Reviews, New Additions)
  • Tech (Formally Tech Tuesdays)

We will be adding some micro-sites for specific projects over the coming months, so stay tuned for that. All of our latest news will be posted here, and then linked from Twitter / Facebook etc.

The site currently has the latest videos all the way back to December 2013. Some of the most popular videos (from 2012) are also on the site. For the rest of July 2018, we will be adding the rest of the videos (from 2012/2013) to the site.

All of our video posts should have the YouTube videos embedded, if you find we've missed one, please email the link to locoshed@oorail.com and we'll fix it.

One of the reasons we have created this site is that over the years YouTube has changed how they display search results. Due to the nature of our hobby, videos produced even six years ago are relavent today. Unfortunately, YouTube over time doesn't display these videos in search results as prominently as they used to, and they get lost. So this site has been designed to make it easier to find our content and easier to navigate around oorail.

If you've been eagerly awaiting new videos from oorail, we have spent the past couple of months working on an exciting project, an update video will be out soon. In the meantime, enjoy the site and discover our content that YouTube doesn't always present because it was uploaded years ago.

Please feel free to share our site with your friends, family and fellow modellers.

Many thanks to all our subscribers, we hope you continue to enjoy our content.