Wrenn 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive - Esso #38 SECR/SR Class R1


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This video from oorail.com features one of my very first locomotives. It is a Wrenn 0-6-0 tank engine in private owner Esso livery number 38. The steam locomotive is an SER R Class locomotive, since it features the dome shaped boiler, this looks to be one of the SECR rebuilt Class R1 locomotives. These locomotives were designed by James Stirling and built at Ashford Works from 1888 until 1898, a total of 25 were produced. A total of 13 locomotives were rebuilt between 1910 and 1922. They remained in service until 1960. The model itself is quite rare, it was only produced in this livery during 1980 and fewer than 400 were produced.