Thank you for your interest in the Trackside 3D Business Membership program. This page is intended to introduce the program and the premise behind it. There is a link at the bottom of this page with additional detailed information and information on how to sign up for Business Membership.

What is this Business Membership Program?

It is an annual subscription program that is paid quarterly that grants members access to business licensing for producing physical objects based on Trackside3D digital products.

Who is eligible for the Business Membership Program?

Any legally registered business that operates in either the Model Railway, Model Railroad, Hobby or 3D printing industries. The business must be in good standing, registered with the appropriate state agencies and be actively trading for the past 45 days.

What can we license under the program?

The ability to produce and sell physical products from Trackside3D digital 3D models. The ability to produce and sell physical electronics products containing oorail software projects.

What are the licensing terms?

Active business membership must be maintained, and a licensing fee of 10% of the retail sales price on all sold products.

Why is there a membership fee?

It was determined that providing business licensing under a membership program to a professional business trade program provided the necessary legal protections for our intellectual property and to protect all parties who are engaged in the licensing activity in good faith. The membership fee also enables Trackside3D to offer a lower licensing fee percentage, providing businesses with more options to be successful.

Why is the license fee 10%?

The license fee is based on industry standards for physical product licensing and software licensing. As our model is a hybrid of both types of licensing as we are licensing digital (software) models but that is being used to produce a physical product. A licensing fee of 10% is below the median for software licensing, but is above the median for physical products. Physical product licensing is typically lower as the intellectual property owner provides basic design sketches or an early stage prototype, and the licensee must incur costs for taking those concepts to a completed product. Software licensing models are typically higher as the licensed product is a completed module or product which the licensee builds upon. Trackside3D licensing is a median of both solutions, we feel this is a far solution as there is less risk to the licensee, as the digital model produces a finished product, but the licensee must also take on some risks and sometimes customization of the physical product.

When is the fee due?

The license fee is due between the 1st and the 7th of the month. License fees are ONLY paid on sold inventory, not unsold inventory. The license fees on products sold in the current month are due between the 1st and 7th of the following month.

Is there co-marketing?

Yes. Trackside3D will maintain a list of Business Members websites at both Trackside3D and / This list will be actively promoted alongside Trackside3D digital products for viewers to both the website, social media (including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram) as options for the audience / customers to obtain pre-printed 3D models of Trackside3D products.

Trackside3D will actively promote new products on the oorail YouTube channel, when featuring new products, the oorail channel will also mention the availability from Business Members. New business members will also receive a dedicated video on the oorail channel when products become first available through the Business Member (part of our on-boarding process).

Trackside3D will actively promote and co-market Business Members upon request, ahead of exhibitions, special offers, promotions and other events, including but not limited to new product launches.

Why are you offering this program?

We receive a lot of requests for printed versions of our innovative Model Railway products from individuals who cannot justify the purchase of a 3D printer, whether financial, the size of their layout or their lack of interest in 3D printing. In the past we have sent these individuals to iMaterialize, Shapeways and similar 3D printing services, however these are costly and still require computer skills that not everyone has. We are offering this program to make our products accessible to a wider audience.

Will I make money?

Yes, we have structured our licensing program specifically with the goal that Business Members can make a similar profit to that had they designed the products themselves, possibly more considering they do not need to make the time commitment to develop the CAD etc.

Are there minimum sales or inventory requirements?

No there are no minimum sales level or inventory requirements. Business Members know their customers and business the best, we have tried to structure the program to be as flexible as possible. For members who are struggling with sales, we will actively work with them to help promote their business and products.

Will you provide support?

Yes we provide technical support for all aspects of 3D printing to our members, not just printing our models, but assistance with a wide range of materials (PLA, PETG, HTPLA, infused hybrid materials, TPU etc) and 3D printer support/troubleshooting. The Trackside3D team has experience with a wide range of printers, manipulation of g-code, 3D printing slicer software code (Cura) and 3D printer firmware code (Marlin). All support is provided via email using Zendesk on a best effort basis.

What other advantages are there for my business?

Licensing Trackside3D models is a fantastic way to augment your existing brands and extend revenue streams for your business. Trackside3D products are innovative, heavily researched and designed by Railway Modelers. Many of the products on offer are designed out of the need to solve real problems on the oorail layout. Through our oorail brand, Trackside3D can offer Business Members access to an instant audience actively looking for new products and services to enhance their Model Railways. The oorail project has a strong brand and reputation in the Model Railway community, our goal is to make Model Railways more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Trackside3D products are designed with minimal waste and delivered electronically. Our products are designed primarily for use with sustainable bio-plastics such as PLA and PETG. Our business model is focused on minimizing waste, achieving 100% recycling of waste bio-plastics such as brim, skirts, rafts etc. Electronic delivery to businesses in close proximity to the customers or directly to the customers who own 3D printers, reduces the impact on the environment in terms of transport, packaging and manufacturing processes.

Where can I get additional information?

Additional detailed information can be found at